Animal Shelter Day for the MJK Hashtag Girls

I’m so proud of these girls and love them to pieces. When I decided to do the Hashtag Event this summer one of the main things I wanted to include was a Community Day, where the girls volunteered helping in some way for the community. We chose to help out at Shelbyville/Shelby County Animal Shelter. These amazing young ladies gave up their early morning Saturday to help out in anyway they could with the fur friends waiting for their forever homes. They walked, played and loved on all the dogs and made sure that each kitty got some snuggles and love as well. The girls made sure each animal had a picture taken so we could help share their sweet faces to help them find forever families. If you are thinking about adding a new fur member to your family please, please look to your local shelters first. These animals are not here because they are not pet worthy. They’re here because their family could no longer take care of them or sadly chose to longer do so. They are smart, sweet, loving pets…who just need owners. So please scroll down and look at all the sweet faces waiting for forever homes.

My kind, caring #Hashtag Girls ~ Shelby, Deziree, Hannah, Lauren and Camryn

This is Rio. His is a total charmer and sweetheart. He and his best friend Pearl have pretty much become the mascots of the shelter. They are inseparable and can’t bare to be apart. The shelter refuses to adopt them out unless it’s the perfect home, and I’m so thankful for that. They both fought their way through heart worm treatment like champs and are so loving and deserve the best forever home and family.

Best Friends, Pearl & Rio.

This is Pearl, the other half of the dynamic duo. She is a sweetie and loves going for walks. The girls had so much fun with these two.

Deziree and and Camryn taking Pearl for a walk. Rio wasn’t feeling it so early in the morning, lol.

Rio is such a ladies man.

After Rio had a chance to wake up he was ready for playtime with the girls.

More play time for Rio and Pearl.

Who wouldn’t want to add these two best friends to their family.

Another set of best friends at the shelter, Harley and Junior. If you can’t tell by the pictures…Harley (on the left) is the calm, quiet one, while Junior (on the right) is the ham of the two. LOL

Walking time for Harley and Junior.

A few snuggles before we head back with these two cuties and love on the rest of their friends waiting at the shelter.

Below are all the other animals the girls spent time with and that are waiting on their forever families to come and find them.

From Left to Right Top Row : Pockette (female) & Poke (female)

From Left to Right Bottom Row : Catsby (female) & Zara (female)

Top Row : Little Bit (female) Bottom Row : No Name, insert sad face. (female)

From Left to Right Top Row : Bleeker (female) & Sissy (female)

From Left to Right Bottom Row : Stardust (female) & Momma (female)

From Left to Right Top Row : Max (female) & Peaches (female)

From Left to Right Bottom Row : Sage (male) & Scoob (male)

From Left to Right Top Row : Jeff (male) & Cali (female)

Middle Row : No Name, insert sad face here (female)

From Left to Right Bottom Row : Jewel (female) & Zarah (female)

From Left to Right Top Row : Koda (male) & Sally (female)

From Left to Right Bottom Row : Harley (male) & Leo (male)

This is Daisy, she was a little camera shy but such a sweetie. There was a family looking at her while we were there, so we hope she found a forever family. That is our wish for all these sweet animals.

The number for the Shelbyville/Shelby County Animal Shelter is 317-392-5127. The are located at 705 Hale Rd. Shelbyville, IN 46176.


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